Nandani milk brand, comes to Pune

Delegates at the launch event in Pune

INDIA’S second largest cooperative milk brand ‘Nandini’ has officially launched in Pune. Nandini Milk and milk products such as Nandini Pasturised Toned Milk, Nandini Special Pasturised Homogenised Toned Milk and long-life Nandini Buffalo Milk (A2 Protein rich source with flexi packing will now be available in Pune.

The dignitaries present on the occasion include Vivek V Patil, MLC, Karnataka Legislative Council and chairman of the Belgaum District Cooperative Milk Union, Mrityunjay Kulkarni, director, marketing, Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF), Obedulla Khan, managing director, Belgaum District Cooperative Milk Union and Board of Directors of Belgaum District Cooperative Milk Union Ltd among others.

Over the last 40 years, Karnataka has turned from a milk-deficit state into a milk-surplus state, thanks to a strong co-operative dairy movement. KMF is striving to excel on three critical fronts namely business quality, cost, and delivery with a theme of quality excellence from cow to consumer.

Vivek Patil, chairman of Belgaum District Cooperative Milk Union, said, “KMF is operating covers 22,000 villages, 13,000 milk co-operative societies, 14 district milk unions, 22 lakh milk producer members with 65 lakh litres of milk procurement every day by paying Rs 15 crores to farmers on daily basis. The KMF has more than 65 milk products under its belt.”

He further said, “KMF will soon expand its market by entering other cities in Maharashtra. KMF is already operating liquid milk segment over the entire state of Karnataka, Goa, and cities including Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada among others, taking the fleet further now to Pune city.”

Nandini Pasturised Toned Milk is the highest selling and most preferred milk product with minimum 3.0 per cent Milk Fat and minimum 8.5 per cent Milk SNF content which makes this milk the best choice for all purposes and consumers of all age groups. It will be available in pouches of 500ml at Rs 19, one liter for Rs 37 in Pune.

Nandini Special Pasturised Homogenised Toned Milk with minimum 4.0 per cent Milk Fat and minimum. 9.0 per cent Milk SNF is not only naturally nutritious but enriched with extra milk solids that keep the consumer strong and healthy. It is available in 250ml pouch pricing Rs 10, a 500ml pouch for Rs 20 and one-liter pouch at Rs 40 in Pune.

Nandini Buffalo Milk is UHT treated that kills all bacteria while protecting the nutrient value of milk. It is stringently packed in a tamper-evident multi-layered pack which keeps milk fresh for 90 days without refrigeration until opened. Buffalo Milk the rich source of A2 protein is UHT processed milk with minimum 6% Milk Fat and minimum nine per cent Milk SNF and can be consumed as such without boiling. It is suitable for consumers of all age groups and people leading a fitness conscious lifestyle. It will be available in 500 ml flexi pouch at Rs 30 in Pune.

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