KUBOTA is India’s fastest growing Tractor Company

KUBOTA Agricultural Machinery India Pvt Ltd (KAI), the Indian subsidiary of Kubota Corporation, Japan has achieved a phenomenal 35 growth rate in India.

As per recent TMA data, (Tractor & Mechanisation Association) Kubota has sold a total of 10877 units in the year 2018-19 viz a viz 8036 units in 2017-18 achieving a growth rate of 35 and making it the fastest growing tractor company in India in the Tractor Industry across all companies.

India is a strategic market for us foreseeing continuous growth in the tractor industry. Achieving this growth rate has re-assured us that we are heading in the right direction. Kubota has earned its position of leadership in global markets due to our superior products and reliability of quality along with service, which is scaling our growth,” said Akira Kato, managing director, Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt Ltd.

Established in 1890, Kubota – taking full advantage of its forward-looking management policies and by incorporating unique R&D activities – has made constant efforts to remain on the leading edge of development and innovation. As a result, it currently produces a wide variety of outstanding products ranging from agricultural equipment, engines, construction machinery, housing supplies, pipes, vending machines, and various environmentally friendly processing facilities.

Primarily in the area of agricultural machinery, it has earned global renown for quality and reliability that has made it a leading brand in North America, Europe, and Asia. In fact, Kubota exports tractors in more than 150 countries throughout the world.

Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt Ltd (KAI) is the Indian subsidiary of Kubota Corporation, Japan which started its operations in India in Dec 2008. KAI is expanding its network across the Indian territory touching farmers from each corner and introducing farm mechanisation and deeply committed to the Indian markets for its development in the agricultural sector. In pure terms, it’s Japanese Technology helping Indian Farmers with full-fledged product range starting from, tractors, transplanters, combine harvesters and power tillers. Kubota Corporation offers a complete line of Tractor, Rice Transplanter, Harvester, Power Tiller, Combine and Industrial engines which is now added to KAI’s product portfolio.

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