Farmpal launches fourth collection centre in Maharashtra

FARMPAL opened the fourth collection centre at Kopargaon, near Shirdi on March 9. This area is the heart of onion cultivation and supplies onion all over India and outside India as well.

With this collection centre, Farmpal intends to make the market available for marginal onion farmers at their doorstep. The event witnessed the presence of over 150 farmers who attended this event and were very excited about working in this new model, where the market has come to them – with better pricing than the local mandis, no commissions, reduced transportation and most importantly, payment directly into their bank accounts within two-three days.

The centre is operational now with farmers selling their produce to FarmPal. They are delivering onions primarily, along with other local produce in smaller quantities. In the near future, FarmPal intends to advise and inform farmers on upcoming demand and what else they can grow and sell. This will help them diversify their crops and improve their earning potential.

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