Better seeds will promote international exports, says Reddy

SEED technology is essential for better quality seeds and produce. With better seeds, international exports will increase; and ISTA symposium & congress will help farmers from all over the state,” opined N H Shivashankar Reddy, minister of agriculture, Govt of Karnataka.

He was speaking at a recent curtain raiser for the 32nd ISTA Symposium & Congress was held to promote active participation from private, public and semi-private seed industry stakeholders. The goal of 32nd ISTA conference is to strengthen seed research and education about seed testing practices in the seed industry, in order to improve quality seeds supply to Indian farmers as well as to increase international exports by Indian companies. The conference aims to explore the seed export potential of India, especially in the potential states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana.

The event was also attended by C Parthasarathi, APC & principal secretary (agriculture), Govt of Telangana; Maheshwar Rao, IAS & secretary (agriculture); and Dr Keshavulu, organising secretary of the ISTA Symposium & Congress 2019 & Director of Telangana State Seed Certification Agency & TSSC.

Organised by the Govt of Karnataka, the curtain raiser was aimed at engaging with seed industry stakeholders, agricultural universities, state seed corporations, and certification agencies, and it was quite the success. The event highlighted the theme for the seed symposium of the 32nd ISTA symposium & congress – Seed Technology & Quality in a Changing World, and the speakers shed light on the state of the seed industry and the modern trends in seeds in India.

Arthur Santosh Attavar, chairman & managing director, Indo American Hybrid Seeds (India) Pvt Ltd Bangalore has taken the initiative to convene and co-host the event which was attended by several seed experts, industry researchers, analysts, and professionals from the private and public seed industry. He said. “India is constantly developing a better range of products which are engineered to suit the various agro-climatic conditions of the country. This will enable us to cater to domestic as well as international markets with ease.”

Indo American Hybrid Seeds( India) Pvt Ltd seed laboratory is the first accredited private seed laboratory in Asia to get accreditation of ISTA in the year 2002 and has expanded the scope of accreditation for seed health testing, varietal testing, and seed vigour.

Since 2008, ISTA and IAHS (India) Pvt Ltd in collaboration have organised workshops on quality management and quality assurance in seed testing, seed sampling, germination, and viability testing, vigour testing and seed health testing involving over 30 countries across Asian and the Middle East, African, and Far East countries for public and private seed industries and institutions. Late Padmashri Dr Manmohan Attavar, founder and chairman, IAHS(I) Pvt Ltd patronised seed quality training through ISTA workshops to improve seed productivity for domestic and export trade.

The 32nd ISTA Symposium will be held in Hyderabad from 26-28 June 2019, followed by the ISTA Congress from June 29- July 03 2019. This is the first time in 94 years that the ISTA Congress is being hosted in Asia by India. The event will bring together 800 global seed experts from 80 countries with a common goal: share information and ideas about the seed trade. Dr Keshavulu, organising secretary of the ISTA Symposium, said – “The ISTA Symposium & Congress will be the first seed event in India which will be attended by so many international delegates. The conference will greatly boost seed infrastructure and technology in the country and encourage international quality seeds in the country.”

The 32nd ISTA Symposium & Congress will be attended by seed analysts, technologists and researchers, managers from the government, universities and research institutes, and other stakeholders in the seed trade to discuss all aspects of seed quality; and will also provide a forum for the discussion of recent advances in seed science and technology along. The congress will help to strengthen the seed research, education, seed industry; & act as a forum for policy legislation and quality regulation system across the country which helps to get in line with the global standards.

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