About Us

TechTrail – on the trail of technology, is a monthly online magazine from CRB Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd, which focusses mainly on technology, technologists and techno-crazy people. TechTrail provides in-depth coverage of current and future trends in technology, and how they are shaping our lives through business, entertainment, communications, science, day-to-day living, food, design and almost everything.

Besides being an essential source of information and ideas TechTrail focusses on breakthroughs and innovations that lead to new ways of thinking. TechTrail reaches out to a large number of people once a month through its online magazine, the print edition, social media, and live events (proposed). Based out of it’s Pune office near Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, TechTrail provides — technological updates, trends, interviews, events, reviews and articles by experts in different fields — including contributions from across the country


“TechTrail – On the trail of technology
…Is the only online magazine of its kind being published from Pune, Maharashtra India. It features, information, news, interviews, reviews, highlights, opinions and everything about technology. The magazine covers all kinds of technology including information technology, manufacturing technology, agriculture technology, food technology and almost every field related to technology. It’s all about technology, technologists and tech-crazy people…”